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Guest Room 3

This medium-sized room is on the west side of the house, with a schoolhouse window perfect for watching the sunset. The room is furnished with an armoire and a queen-sized bed with a very firm mattress. The ensuite bathroom has a toilet, tub, and shower and is accented with travertine tiles and vertical spruce walls.

An adjoining door connects to Room 4, making a two-room suite available at an additional cost of $100. Room 4 has a double bed with a firm mattress. The room is cozy but bright, with hardwood floors and a west-facing schoolhouse window. It is furnished with a vanity sink and a small hutch. May be accessed via an adjoining door to Room 3 or a door to the central hall. PRICE PER NIGHT: $175 + tax; $275 + tax for Rooms 3 and 4 Combo.