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Blue Room

Located on the southeast corner of the house, this is our largest room. It has two entrances; large double doors leading to the Library Lounge and a single door that opens to the central hall. This room has three operating schoolhouse windows, one facing east and two facing south, providing excellent lighting and ventilation. The king-sized bed has a firm pillow-top mattress. There is a large double-door armoire and a wooden vanity with a mirror.

This room utilizes the Master Bathroom, which is exclusively used only by guests in the Blue Room and Pink Room (which can only be used in combination with Blue Room at an additional cost of $100). The Master Bathroom, located across the Library Lounge, is equipped with a claw-foot tub original to the building. It also has a large shower with half-inch thick travertine tiles, featuring an interior glass window for extra lighting. The Master Bathroom can be accessed via either the Library Lounge and/or the central hall. PRICE PER NIGHT: $195+ tax; $295 + tax for BLUE and PINK ROOM COMBO.