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Silver Creek Inn Lodging

Looking for Silver Creek Inn lodging? See all the rooms before you book your stay. View room pages for details and pricing.

Silver Creek Inn Accommodations

All Silver Creek Inn lodging accommodations are for adults only. Pets are not allowed. Individual guests are welcome with no minimum stay required. We also host groups of up to 8 guests for the entire inn (2-night minimum). Enjoy our comfortable indoor and outdoor common area for gatherings of like minds to practice art, music, yoga, meditation, hiking, biking, bird watching, cooking, and baking.

Guest Room

blue room
Blue Room


Deluxe-size southeast corner room, double doors open to the common living room…

guest room

pink room
Pink Room

$100/night when booked with adjoining Blue Room.

The morning sun lights up the pink carpet through the east-facing schoolhouse window…

Guest Room

patio room
Patio Room

$195/night includes private patio access.

The sun rises through a private patio door, with queen size bed, custom tile shower…

guest room

room 3
Room 3


Watch the sunset from westward-facing windows, with an adjoining private bath…

guest room

room 4
Room 4

$100/night when booked with adjoining Room 3.

Cozy and bright with hardwood floors and a west-facing schoolhouse window….

Guest Room

room 5
Room 5

$165/night with private bath directly across hall.

Northwest corner room with vanity and windows facing west for beautiful sunset views…

Ask about yoga class instruction for your retreat.

Common Area

Entry Foyer

The Main staircase is finally complete after 40 years of milling and finishing native black walnut..

Common Area

sci kitchen
Open Kitchen

Prepare your meals in our spacious kitchen and adjoining dining area. Clean-up provided by Silver Creek inn staff…

Common Area

sci patio
Garden Patio

Enjoy ultimate peace and quiet for morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening cocktails on the two-level patio…

Common Area

Workshop and Studio Space

Large open space suitable for hosting yoga or painting classes, workshops, readings, and more….