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Mogollon Yoga Retreat Instruction

Professional yoga class leadership is available for your Mogollon yoga retreat at the Silver Creek Inn.

Cordelia Rose, of Glenwood Yoga at the nearby Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths, can host classes at a custom-tailored Mogollon yoga retreat for all your guests. Add invigorating yoga sessions to your itinerary throughout your stay. Attend classes at the nearby Glenwood Yoga studio while exploring the Mogollon area. Or, enjoy relaxing sessions in our spacious workshop and studio space.

During your stay at the Silver Creek Inn, take time to renew with yoga and walk the various Labyrinths along Whitewater Mesa. There are many similarities in walking labyrinths to practicing yoga. They are both a journey in which you find your center.

The mission of Glenwood Yoga is to introduce the practice of Yoga to the community and visitors and to create a nurturing environment for students as they learn. Cordelia Rose learned Hatha Yoga at the Integral Yoga Center in New York City in 1991. She added teacher training at the International Yoga College in Tucson, AZ.

What a (re)treat! All Mogollon yoga retreat arrangements must be coordinated at the time of your reservation. Fee structure is dependent upon your group’s specific needs.